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Lighthouse Foundation is a growing organization that is made possible thanks to the generous support of individuals, member organizations, and grants. Donations of all sizes are deeply appreciated and help us create empowering Black LGBTQ+ spaces where we can continue to dismantle the barriers to an equitable LGBTQ+ community. 

Peace Development Fund (PDF) serves as Lighthouse Foundation's fiscal sponsor. 


Whether it's supporting our mutual aid fund, paying Black Queer Pride performers, or hosting events, the donations we receive go directly toward supporting Black Queer Chicagoans. Your contributions will help improve the lives of the thousands of individuals we serve each year. 

Donations of the following amounts can equal these impacts: 


Pays for virtual ads to promote our programming to Black LGBTQ+ Chicagoans who might not have heard about it otherwise. 


Helps cover the cost of supplies so that we may safely hold in-person events, like temperature checkers and social distancing wristbands. 


Pays to subsidize an hour of anti-racism training for a partner organization. 


Can pay to hire Black Queer entertainers, poets, musicians, and more for our events. 

Monthly giving is especially helpful so that we can create jobs for Black LGBTQ+ people who are committing themselves to combating racism, building community, and creating a sustainable Black-led institution. 

To learn more about our organizational budget, check out our annual report.

Peace Development Fund (PDF) serves as Lighthouse Foundation's fiscal sponsor. 

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