Lighthouse Foundation is an emerging organization that offers all of our programming for free thanks to the generous support of individuals, member organizations, and grants. Donations of all sizes are deeply appreciated and help us co-create empowering Black LGBTQ+ spaces where we can continue to dismantle the barriers to an equitable LGBTQ+ community. 

Monthly giving is especially helpful so that we can create good jobs for Black LGBTQ+ people who are committing themselves to combating racism, building community, and creating a sustainable Black-led institution.

  • $25 Pays to spread the word about events to isolated communities 

  • $50 Pays for a virtual poetry performance at Black Queer Pride 

  • $100 Pays to subsidize an hour of anti-racism training for a partner organization

  • $200 Pays for a month of software that we use to bring programming to more than 7,000 Black Queer people annually

In order to donate to Lighthouse Foundation, please select "Lighthouse Foundation (LHF)" from the drop down menu in the form below. This will ensure that your donation will be directed towards us.